Thank you for choosing to visit my life coach page.

I started this journey almost 20 years ago. I struggled to find a way to help me heal. A way to handle all the different pressures in my life. I had just separated from the military. I was not making a lot of money. My first marriage fell apart. I was working to make things better .

In my search I stumbled on to a coaching program with in my fitness instructor coaching. The program was called the third eye. After that I was hooked. I went on to learn NLP, EFT, Hypnosis and lots of other ways to help people learn and advance. I hope you will join me. Lets get you on the fast track to building your best life a life unlimited.

Today I Have a great life one that I would not trade for anything it has its ups and downs as any life does. I just stay the path.

Curious about what is a life coach?

A collaborative partner for creating

A source of encouragement,
accountability and support

A brainstorming partner for generating
ideas and plans

An guide for goal achievement and
creating lasting change

What a Life Coach is Not:

A sounding board for complaining about

A source validation of a victim mentality

A shoulder to cry on during emotional
pain or life challenges

A therapist or counselor trained to
identify and heal the cause of emotional
trauma or mental illness

A consultant offering expert advice

Coach and Client Roles:

The coaches role is to structure the
coaching experience, encourage the
client, and provide tools.

The client’s role is to be honest and
open, communicate their needs and
desires, and take action on decisions
made during coaching.

Interested in learning more about my life coaching program? CLICK HERE and let us know you would like more information.

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