JMT The John Maxwell Team Live Event March 2019

Wow, What an exciting time I had hanging out with all the John Maxwell Team members. It is good to get out with like minded people and share stories.

Friday – Disc night we worked with Sandy Kulkin on how to use DISC personality test. We learned how to leverage these in our business or for our personal use to understand ourselves and others better. Great content. The best is this was designed for our use along with our John Maxwell content.

Saturday Think Tank  – I went with Christian Simpson he covered 8 fundamentals of Entrepreneurial Wealth  & freedom. He is an amazing mentor with great business acumen. I am going to be working on some of the tips he suggested.

My second Think Tank was with Paul Martinelli & Sandy Kulkin ” The art of reading people” Was a great presentation on understanding people.

Then I got the opportunity to listen to John Maxwell and Carly Fiorina what an exciting and grass roots leadership she represents.

Sunday – we got to hear from Dr. Robert Cialdini on pre-suasion. What an amazing topic I learned  a lot of things not to do. It is amazing how easy somethings can become routine and we lose our intention with it.

The days run together and I am still deciphering my notes from the 4 days I spent with the team.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me. I love connecting and serving others.

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