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Tips for Change Discovering Values

Hi All, Been a tough wee as a matter of fact I think I will finish this in the morning. We have a lot going…

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Tips for Change Discovering Intentions

Hi all Happy Wednesday! What is going on for you this week. I am sculpting my yard a multi year project. Almost there. Then more…

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Tips For Change Confidence Leading To Improve Personal Life

Hi All, Amazing week and I am blessed. We are celebrating my wifes birthday and having a blast we have the wierdest tradition - Dinner....…

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Tips For Change Improve Your Personal Life

Good Morning Everyone, I hope you are having a start to a glorious day! I am back full swing into life after my maxwell conference.…

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Tips for Change Building Courage to Improve your Personal Life

Hello All, I have been having an amazing week. I have a lot going on and having a great time being in a whirlwind. As…

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Tips for Change Improve your Personal Life

Hi Everyone, I had an amazing weekend. I had the chance to experience Oliver Nino's Geo love healing weekend. Lots of activation, meditation and most…

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Tips for Change What is Money Mindset

Hi all, How goes your 2023. Are you hitting your goals I have made myself so busy. I cannot keep up. I am streamlining and…

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Tips for Change Poverty Mindset?

Hi All, I hope you have all enjoyed the holidays. We are back to it. What is going on? how are you doing? Have you…

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Tips For Change How Your Thoughts Affect Your Earnings

Hello everyone, As we move towards the New Year. What are your plans and goals for 2023? Email me and let me know. I have…

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