11/12/2019 Muladhara or Root Chakra

Hello Webbers & Friends,

I am trying to get back into posting once again. It seems I get too busy or something in life is a foot. I do really see the new corporate slogan as more with less.

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My daughter was sick today and I opted to comfort rather than finish my post.

Now the Root Chakra is located at the base of you spine. It is the color red. The life principal is survival & Safety. The organ is elimination. The Correct balance give stability, vibrant energy & health. If the energy is excessive one becomes sluggish or constipated or both. If it is depleted one could have fear, anxiety or Diarrhea.

I am exploring more and more into the Chakras as I study and learn self healing in which I have had a lot of trauma in my younger years. Today I spend most of my time working on self healing and self improvement.

In the past few months I have began to see where I can make an impact in helping others. Sharing some of these powerful skills I have learned along the way. I have lost some close friends and family that could have been helped by a strategy session and working in hypnosis. If you have tried everything else and want to explore a different method please reach out. I have 200 clinical hours I need to perform before the summer is over.

Here is to a great day and to your success!