11/18/2019 Monday??? What makes it the craziest day of the week.

Hi Webbers and Friends,

Here we are Monday again. Can someone tell me why Mondays are always so crazy… Is it because we enjoy our-self all weekend. Then we come back to the work week full of vigor? I think not. It is more like trying to start a car in zero degrees. I will do it but don’t want to.

Check out one of my mentors Steve G Jones here:

Now I am a big fan of Zig Ziggler, Stephen Covey & Jim Rohn. I truly believe you have to prepare for the day. Lately no matter how well prepared I think I am the day just spins almost out of control. People call in sick, fall short on their commitments and then I have to pick up the ball and move it toward the finish line. Now as my studies go deeper into human nature. I am finding these things do not bother me as much. I always tried to look for perfection. That view would be great but unrealistic. Best saying I have heard yet as much as we want the world to be perfect the fact is we live in an imperfect world. You will always have delays, denials & people will fall short of expectations.

Check out another mentor Bob Proctor shift your paradigm:

Now you may say what can one due if this is true. You have to be flexible enough to change. You have to roll with the punches. Stay in the moment. Handle what you can. Keep your center. You cant speed up I used to think this was the case. I would go faster and make more errors… Go figure…. That would just stress me out more. Slow down and delay and don’t bother. I can’t do that either because the stress would drive me crazy because I hate to fail. Now I have begun to just take it as it comes and strive to stay in the moment. To be mindful.

I think I am finally starting to learn lessons that have been taught to me over two decades.

What do you do in times of stress? I would love to read your comments.

Stay tuned on my next post I will post on how to do self hypnosis and how you can help yourself.

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