12/9/19 What is Your Plan for the New Year?

Hi Webbers & Friends

I have been moving lots of things around and preparing for the new year. What is your goal this year? How can I serve you. I am striving to be a lamp for those without light. I have spent over ten years practicing to be a coach, Hypnotherapist and other modalities that fit the need. It is now time to bring this to the front. I will continue my full time job. I will be working just as hard in practice.

I am Scheduled for my March JMT trip let us see what the new year brings!

We left off speaking about Chakra’s –  This week we will continue to talk on the next the Sacral Chakra known as the SVADHISHTHANA.

Name = Sacral or Svadhishtana

Location = Lower abdomen, Sacral vertebrae

Color = Orange

Life principle = Creativity, Sexuality

Organ = Reproductive, Kidneys, Bladder

Correct Balance = Happiness, Joy, Sensuality, Creativity

Excessive = Obsessive, attachment, Over sensitivity

Depleted = Fear Guilt, Insecurity

Now last week we looked at the Muldhara or Root Chakra. Take a moment. Like ten minutes, if you have never meditated before this will feel like forever. If you are just starting out take two minutes and count your breaths. While counting focus on the color of the chakra. For the more experienced see & feel the color moving through the organs and feel them renewing with each breath. Stay with it as long as you can. With our busy world more than ten minutes is great. Feel the Happiness, Joy, Sensuality & Creativity radiating in your being.

I am here to help you soar to your success from zero to the top. As I read today. It is said “Committed to the way of God.” – “When leaders step forward. They make possible a climate of change for renewal and revival.” May you have success in your day today!

A light in the dark.




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