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My week has been off. These are the times I think social media is great! I had an old friend reach out to inform me one of our friends had passed. Luckily he got me before I got to go see him in the hospital. I started reaching out to our other friends. You see this man was the gentlest most giving man you could meet. If you needed help he would be there. Not to mention we were friends for over 18 years and confided in each other. The past year life was pretty hard on him. No need for the details. His name was Rich Cahill and now his daughter is in need. I can’t ask enough if you can find the money even a small amount if you would donate to the go fund me page it would do a lot of good for her. Please donate here if you can

The rest of my week has been dream like with time passing by and me feeling like I am gliding through. I am sure I will be alright after we get through his wake on Thursday.

I do have some great news to share though I have access to a brand personal assessment in which I am looking for people to take. If you want to check yours out. Reach out to me and lets talk. Other than that lets get to those tips.

Test Your Self Esteem

Do you have trouble landing a dream job, maintaining healthy relationships or simply feeling good about your day-to-day decisions? You may suffer from low self-esteem. Testing your self-esteem is an easy and valuable way to discover underlying problems and begin to work on areas that need improvement. Self-esteem tests are available in many magazines, books and online. Taking these tests can be fun because there really are no right or wrong answers.

Be truthful in your answers. Lying on a self-esteem test will only result in an incorrect assessment. Do not waste your time cheating on the questions; you will only be cheating yourself. If you are honest and truthful in your answers, you will discover your weaknesses and begin the process of building your confidence.

Admit your shortcomings. Before you can improve your confidence, you must realize that your self-esteem needs improvement. That can be the hardest part of the entire process. Although no one likes to admit to weaknesses, a truly successful self-esteem exercise will require it. There is no room for vanity if you really want to improve yourself.

Once you have honestly completed your self-esteem test, you will learn what aspects of your personality you need to focus on. The next step is to use resources such as self-help books, videos or audio exercises on tape or CD to help improve your self esteem issues.

If you feel that you might need a boost in your confidence, take a few self-esteem tests that are available in books or online. Be honest in your answers. You will most likely be surprised by what you learn, and you will be able to begin a self-esteem improvement routine to top up your confidence level. You will be on your way to landing that dream job or finding the love of your life. Best of all, you will be happier with yourself.

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