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It is true that we all experience things very differently. In fact, it is as if we all create our own movies throughout our life. In this movie, we create supporting actors, themes, guest appearances, and yes, even comedy, romance, drama, and suspense. Our expectations of people and experiences are mostly based on the theme of the movie that we are creating. This movie is based on what people throughout our life have told us makes a “good” movie. So, for example if we grew up in a household where there was a lot of drama, then we may grow up to create a drama-filled movie. This would mean that we have to find a partner that wants a similar movie to ours and also create drama in their movie.

Does this make sense to you? This means once we acknowledge we are creator/designer of our life we can start to redirect & change our movie to one of creating joy & happiness.

This is where I come in as your Happiness coach. We start to work on flipping the script per say. How do we do this?

We start to explore what makes your movie. Who do we need to forgive? What do we truly desire? What are our beliefs? Who are you? How do you utilize your time? What are your patterns? How are you wired to experience joy? What are your emotions?

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