Hello Friends,

One Thing I have learned from John Maxwell is we all should make friends. Welcome to my new blog page. I have tried to secure my name for a site for a long few years. That being said the task is done.

I have been involved in the online thing since the Tandy computer line was released. I have tinkered with many things and enjoy building web pages. I enjoy coaching far more. When asked why I don’t do more techie things. I shrug and don’t want to lose interest in keep trying new things. I hope you can relate.

I am still maintaining other sites. New England Warrior Camp , Life Unlimited . I have helped others set up their sites and keep them active. If you need a hand reach out and I will serve you the best I can.

If you are a facebook or bookface as a friend calls it. Join my group lifeultd . You can find me on Twitter and Linkedin. I am excited to be one step closer to my finished product.

Stay tuned and stay close as we move towards living our best life a life unlimited as we soar to success.

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